Ryan Simkhai Eyeshop
 Ryan Simkhai Eyeshop, established by Ryan Simkhai, is based on the concept that glasses provide a visual statement about who we are and what we represent. The company’s founding principle is guided by the belief that readers produced to the highest industry standards and of the highest quality - competing in aesthetics with high-end designer products  - can be offered to a discerning clientele at a an attractive price-point.Consumers are encouraged to experiment with different looks, colour, shapes, give free reign to their imagination and express themselves through their choice of eyewear.
 Ryan Simkhai, a local Angeleno, was born into a family of  entrepreneurs, who for three generations have made their name in the fashion and beauty industries. Ryan’s talent for innovation and creativity complemented his ambition to penetrate new cross-cutting and overarching markets, which blend high quality products with accessibility and availability. Ryan believed that offering affordable eyewear of the highest quality as a fashion statement and expression of individual flair would meet a heretofore untapped need and he decided to claim that niche. The success of his unique and fashion-forward collection validates this original and innovative concept. Never content to rest on his laurels, Ryan continues to grow his collection with new products, reflective of the latest trends and styles.